The Point of Care (Vol 1)

Navi Mission Statement:
The mission of Navi is to create better patient experiences. We leverage the current informational sources of hospitals and providers and bring crucial information to patients and their families. We create value for our hospital partners by empowering their message, creating more satisfied patients and families and more productive and safer care environments.
Navi was founded in 2013 by CEO Dr. Zachary Tebb. CIO Nilesh Paktar and COO Anupam Das joined the company in 2014. Dr. Tebb is an emergency physician and a leader in acute care management and patient experience. Mr. Das and Mr. Patkar are leaders in healthcare IT programming and implementation. They oversee a team of programmers and technicians who together have created IT solutions for some of the biggest healthcare providers in the U.S.
In our current age of technological growth the ways in which hospitals can directly message to patients and their families in the acute care setting is often limited to a manual white board. In these same settings there is no option to automatically inform a patient of valuable care information without interrupting the workflow of care providers.
Navi is a service based company that utilizes flat screen hardware as well as proprietary software to allow our hospital partners to directly inform their patients of crucial care information; the names and training of their care providers, their progression in the acute care process, and access to other useful hosptial resources. These touch screen flat screens are placed in each care room, allow no interruption of the current caregiver work flow, and allow the hospital to directly message to their most important customers – their current patients and loved ones. The proprietary software of Navi allows the collection of various source information to be gathered and securely delivered in a unique user interface that will bring comfort to patients and families during the acute care experience.